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Why Sleep Consulting Is A Fabulous Business Idea For Women Who Want To Simplify Lives For Parents & Have A Solid Stream Of Income... 

  • Study at your own pace from the comfort of home and take part in interactive classes and group discussions.

  • Start your own business with no geographical restrictions and a whole world out there to serve.

  • A profession that pays you more than just pocket money WHILE you are there for your family or other commitments too!

  • Have something that is YOURS and lets you unlock all that potential you were born to be brilliant with!

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The Successful Sleep Consultant

The 5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Out And The Simple, Proven 3-Step Path To Becoming An In-Demand Sleep Consultant

  • How to become certified without prior qualification or experience

  • Why the old approach to sleep consulting isn't scaleable and what you should do instead

  • Revealing the one thing almost ALL sleep consultants do and why you SHOULDN'T!

  • The little known mistake people make when starting a consulting business

  • Why sleep consulting is a brilliant business for mums and those with ambition to make a significant impact on people’s lives

  • Revealing what the 'Elite Effect’ is and why it’s key for your success as a sleep consultant


An Introduction To Childhood Sleep Consulting

How To Create An Income Generating Business That Benefits Parents Worldwide

  • The demand for sleep consultants and why YOU are needed

  • What sleep problems you'll see in 0-7 year olds and how to resolve them

  • What the role of a sleep consultant involves and whether you're cut-out for this important role!

  • Understand our ACE formula for signing clients consistently

  • The essential BUSINESS funnel for a successful childhood sleep consultant

  • How to be a successful consultant with a business that you LOVE

"In growing a six-figure sleep consulting business, I've pretty much made all the mistakes there are to make! I've created this training so that you don't make them too"


Hey, I'm Lucy. I'm a mum of two who once experienced the pains of sleep loss with a little one! My son is the reason I became obsessed with childhood sleep a decade ago.


I couldn't watch any more parents suffer, see any more little ones in a miserable, overtired state or hear one more story of a family falling apart because a little one wasn't sleeping well. I knew I had to do something about this because I knew, first hand how it can transform your life when you get some help.


I had no former experience in this area, in fact you will find DJ and vocalist among my past professions! But I did have experience in growing a business, I was hungry and eager to learn and I was determined to develop the expertise I needed to save tired families all over the world.


So I did!...I gained various certifications and accreditations, I worked with some of the world's best coaches and mentors and I made plenty of mistakes along the way because I believe that done is better than perfect. I mastered my trade and scaled a successful worldwide business. And now I teach others how to do the same - After all, I can't save the world by myself!

It's Your Turn - You were born to be brilliant!

“The Sleep Nanny Academy has given me the support and resources I need to set up my own business. Lucy’s knowledge is outstanding”



The content is interesting & educational, the materials & resources are very useful & the support provided by Lucy & her team is absolutely invaluable.


Primary School Teacher

“The whole team are attentive and approachable and their passion for helping families sleep better is apparent in everything!”

Miriam Gray



Become A Successful Sleep Consultant

Without any previous qualification or experience

This FREE 2-Part training will teach you, step by step, how to become a confident & successful childhood sleep consultant and create income generating business that impacts the lives of families worldwide

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